Alange Fruits S.L, is focusing its efforts on the best crops of our Region, which are peach, nectarine, plum, pear and flat peaches. Moreover, we are devoted to the intermediation of citrics, berrys, cherries, nuts and vegetables.

Nowadays, in order to offer the best-quality product, not only we have to consider the productive process necessary to obtain a good organoleptic quality, but also we have to take into account crucial components to ensure the quality of the product, and the environmental and social factors.

Accordingly, Alange Fruits applies all the measures available to you in order to guarantee the introduction of a productive system that can meet the requirements and demands of the society concerning the quality assurance, innovation, health and safety of its products assuring, in addition, the sustainability of agricultural activity, as well as the respect for the environment and fauna. 

In order to guarantee the success in its productions, Alange Fruits has chosen the most appropriate areas of Extremadura to find its production centres and to establish its crops.